Atumo Cup 2022 was held on May 15th to celebrate the recent improvements to the Tegama Kitamachi Park in Omuta City. The park was full of Skateboarders of all sizes competing in several contests including tick taking and skating the double hump item. This was Kyushu skating at its best, with a lively atmosphere full of local area DJs spinning their favorite music while rippers raged the skatepark.

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Atumo Cup 2022 will be held on May 15th to celebrate the recent improvements to the Tegama Kitamachi Park in Omuta City.

Seimi Miyahara and his friends will be in attendance. Seimi has just released his third professional model on Evisen Skateboards so check it out now!

There is an entry fee of ¥500

DJs from Omuta, Kurume, Yame, and Kumamoto will also participate!

There are also multiple food booths, curry and shaved ice from Hachiya, fried chicken, fried octopus, french fries, and drinks from Obstacle!

The day will be stacked with events including a Tick Tack contest and best trick over the dual hump. There will be events for skateboarders of all levels from Beginner to Advanced.

大牟田、久留米、八女、熊本からDJも参加してくれます!スペシャルゲストに Evisen Skateboards から本目のプロモデルが出たばかりの宮原聖美プロもきてくれます!飲食ブースも店舗あり八屋からはカレーとかき氷、 Obstacle からは唐揚げ、揚げタコ、フライドポテト、ドリンクをだしてくれるそうです!地元スケーターが作ったニューセクションも加わり楽しくなりそうな予感です!!晴れてくれーー!あとサイ馬場シャツ販売します

Obstacle Food Booth

Ryo Owada was on the MC on the day!


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