Maruhiro Cup 2022 Hisami, Saga, Japan

The day was Sunday May 8th. Momoko and I loaded up the Honda Stepwgn and headed for Hasami. I had heard from Shokopuff via instagram about a contest hosted buy Maruhiro Hasami with special guest Seimi Miyahara of Evisen Skateboards. It was also rumored that LXXtok would be performing so it was a must attend event for me. Hasami is about a 3 hour drive from Kurume but well worth the trip.

As we cruised into the DIY Skatepark area we saw the kids lining up for a hi jump contest. It was fun to watch and the kids seemed stoked to get involved in the event. 

The event ended with the big guys getting into the high jump as well. By the end of the event I counted like 14 boards or something like that. 

Towards the end of the event everyone grabbed their skateboards and started to shred up the park. Unfortunately Momo wanted to go play so we headed over the museum area where they hand a sandbox, food, coffee, food trucks and live music. 

Momoko went straight for the Sand Box and I went straight for the Coffee Shop, Open End! 

I didn’t remember Open Ended Coffee having so many desert last time. The not only had deserts but they had Pineapple Smoothies. I tried the Marshmallow cookies and Momoko had a smoothie. If you have further interest in learning about Open Ended see their website here.

The trip was definitely worthy! I would highly suggest a trip out to Maruhiro Hasami not just for food and fun but for the excellent Porcelain. 

Of coarse having a 6 year old comes with its own issues. My daughter and I decided to close out the night with a 2 hour drive to Itoshima. There is never to much time in the world for a dip in the magical oceans, playing on the beach and Night Photography.

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  1. wow! what a beautiful day! Love reading about this exprience of a well lived day! And the sun set ending at the beach w your daughter: priceless! You are a very blessed man!

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