I hit up Shinya Kodaira to see what type of weekend plans he had going on. He told me that he was taking his family to skate at Ramp Labo in Kagoshima Prefecture and then hit up Sogi Falls. Shinya implied to me that Sogi Falls is the Niagara falls of Kyushu Island. That was enough for me, I grabbed Momo and we headed South!

First stop ramp labo

RampLabo has its grand opening on May 29, 2022. As of now, all skateboarding is FREE! As pictured above RampLabo has a nice wide 4’5′ Mini Ramp. The Mini Ramp is pretty fun and surprisingly not super slippery. 

Shinya Kodaira back tailslide

Shinya Back Tailslide 

SF_UZ8 on instagram working those FS kickturn skills

Uzu practicing her frontside kick turns.

Nose Grab Blunt to Fakie

Where is the ICE CREAM! 

Sogi Falls

Sogi Falls

My must admit, Sogi Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls I have visited in Japan to date. I only had like 20 minutes there but need to go back and spend at least a full day cruising the sites. Big thanks to the Kodaira family for letting us barge their day trip! 

RampLabo map below

Sogi falls map below

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