Yumeka Oda at Shonai Skatepark

Shonai Skatepark is a newer park built on the North east side of Nagoya.

Its a huge pre-fabricated park built on an old Tennis court.

I had the stroke of luck of hooking up with Kenji and Kama to head over and go for a shred.

We ended up meeting up with some locals including Yumeka Oda a 15 year old skateboarding obsessed super shredder.

Skatepark Layout

The skatepark consists of a mish mash of banks, ledgers, quarter pipes, rails and boxes covered in skate light with metal down to an old green tennis court concrete base. 


Kanade Nishiyama, what can I say? Silent but deadly… Came into the skatepark quietly and just started ripping! Kanade rides for 

*DC Shoes Japan / DC Shoes Site

*FTC Japan / FTC Japan Site

*All Under City

*DZA Skateboards / DZA Skateboards Site 

*URGH Japan URGH Japan Site 

Kanade was nice enough to let me grab a quick sequence of a back side heal flip front board slide. Sick, & Thank you! 

Yumeko Oda

Yumeko Oda maybe on of my favorite next generation female skateboarders out of Japan. I met her at the Matsusaka City Skateboard Park grand opening around 2019. She has a rad attitude, a super crazy desire to be the best and is extremely friendly. Through my many years working in and around skateboarding these are the skills that always seem to accelerate a team player to the next level... Yumeko-chan has a bunch of sponsors so hopefully I get this right

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*Murasaki Sports

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