If you ever get a chance to cruise out to Miyazaki you should look up Shinya KD Kodaira. Shinya owns a small back yard landscaping companies that specializes in Concrete work of all kinds.

I have known Shinya since pre-covid Times and have watched his personal DIY grow from 3 quarter pipes to bowls, hips and so much more.

Anyway, if your ever out towards Miyazaki, you might want to reach out. Hopefully link up, maybe hit a surf and then shred the DIY.


The man himself, Shinya KD Kodaira the owner of KODAILAND & KOZAICWORKS who also makes epic  POOL COPING & PARKING BLOCK’S. 

Shinya seen here mashing a Back Smith Grind across the steep wall. 

Kanoa Kai Coulter with a mighty Lien Air for an 8 year old.

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