Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, one of Japan’s most prosperous ceramic industries. Porcelain, which began to be made in this area in the Edo period about 400 years ago, was shipped not only to various parts of Japan but also to Europe via Nagasaki Port from that time. Since the mass production system was set up from an early stage, it is known to have achieved reliable quality and price as tableware for daily use. Rich traditions have been passed down to the present day. HASAMI PORCELAIN was born as tableware that innovates this heritage with a modern concept under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto (tortoise).

One of the store employees carefully checks and cleans the cups. You will get no better service than at Hasami. 

Another Happy customers who is all smiles as she drives away.

Shopping of any kind can be a real chore. Shopping for Hasami Porcelain is even harder. Porcelain often acting as your main stay for dishes don’t always allow for excessive space savings. 

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