Hasami diyskatepark

Maruhiro is opening Hiroppa, a spacious park set across an entire acre and a playground for both children and adults alike.

It is Maruhiro’s latest effort to engender a new kind of local culture in the town of Hasami, Nagasaki. The park features recreation equipment designed by collaborating artists, Hisami Skatepark with porcelain poured directly into the concrete for butter smooth skating, as well as a brand-new Maruhiro storefront and other shops. Hiroppa is the perfect place to relax, go shopping, or spread out a blanket and have a picnic with the whole family on a sunny day. At the Maruhiro park, they provide a safe and creative space in the community where children can come play and everyone is welcome.


Here is a shot of the DIY skatepark looking towards the quarter pipe from the bank ramp.

Here is a shot looking at the bank. The bank is a bit mis-leading as its short and has no transition at the bottom. So come ready as if your not it will throw you into space.

I got super lucky that day. Someone left a really sick FireXside Skateboard laying around so I quickly borrowed handed my Canon R5 to ShokoPuff and did a Pivot to Fakie.

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