Isahaya City Skateboard Park

Isahaya City Skateboard Park

I was able to visit Isahaya City Skateboarding in Nagasaki Prefecture last month and fly my drone over to capture some images. The park consists of prefabricated metal ramps with Skatelite riding surfaces. The ground was pretty smooth and like most parks with concrete was not level but at least acceptable. I only cruised for a couple of minutes but the first thing I noticed was the pyramid hip was jarring, steep and the landing was uber short. The center island was better, and the transitions actually made sense. Then for some reason, they opted for a 4′ hip ramp leading into the wall of the mini ramp. If you’re in Isahaya City I would highly suggest a ride, it’s a beautiful city with tons to explore. 

All info is below directly from the Isahaya City Website.


2014-16 Kuyamamachi, Isahaya City, Nagasaki
854-0066 Phone: 0957-25-4500 (1st Baseball Field Office)

Hours of use
From 9 am to 8 pm in the summer (April to October) 9 am to
6 pm in the winter (November to March)

from December 29th to January 3rd of the following year

Facility overview
・ Area approx. 750 square meters (30m x 25m)
・ Types of sections (structures such as jump stands)

Usage fee

Usage categoryUsage fee
Use all510 yen per hour
Personal useGeneral110 yen per person
High school students and younger50 yen per person


How to use
・ Before using, please apply directly to the 1st baseball field office on the same site and pay the usage fee.
・ Please read the notes at the entrance and exit carefully before using. Notes, PDF: 608KB )
・ Please note that usage may be restricted due to events, weather, etc.te

Isahaya City Skateboard Park

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